Friday, December 17, 2010

Love and Hate

There is a thin line between love and hate, and people in general avoid being anywhere near that line. I've seen the two battle fields we're allowed to fight at; I've cross that tenuous line so many times I've stopped keeping track. I know love and I know hate, and I also know I understand neither of them. Both love and hate can be very tendentious, they both made us fight for something we never imagine our selves fighting for; both make us believe that there is something where sometimes nothing can grow or be.

I don't have a story, I've a bunch of memories that fill me up and give a direction to my life. I could push them all out of me, but then who would I be without them?

[to be continued... (no inspiration today)]

By: Andie Fern Maars


  1. Love and hate are two companions one can't live without the other ;)

  2. The chain that binds us is just like as you described it: love and hate.
    One can live to love someone but if is incapable of hating another that person isn't living at all but when it's able to find the parts you will discover the balance you seek. The same happens with a necklace, you can have the string but without the pieces that unite it (love and hate), you can never use it and so that piece of jewelry as no valeu, just like the life of the person who doesn't experience love and hate.
    keep writing like that :)

  3. I'm happy you 2 enjoy it :)

    Keep checking for new updates :D

    - Andie F. Maars

  4. Andie, this it's a really good way to explain the vicious connection between love and hate

    And is is soooo true :)