Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dreams are your fantasies, your most precious wish…
If you dream you can forget reality. Forget your problems and your furies. If you dream, you can do everything. Fly. Swim. Be a star and so many other things. Your dream is what you wish. The dream is your most powerful weapon because you can control it. Sometimes you dream with things that you don’t know, that you don’t wish and why is that?
Dreams are a reflection of yourself, of what you’re thinking in the moment. They can build you up or destroy you until there is nothing left. That’s why they are a weapon because they consume your feelings and your most deep emotions and they can use it against you. Most of the times this happens when you’re asleep. Have you ever felt like you didn’t sleep at night? Now you know the reason.
In the end, your dreams are your reflections. Your dreams are your wishes. Your dreams are your feelings. And besides that your dreams are what you want them to be.

So dream and discover yourself.
Lily Mead Mein