Thursday, April 7, 2011


I’m not afraid of losing myself in the arms of craziness and despair

I know you won't let me.

I’m not afraid of losing you;

Because I never really had you as mine

And the truth is that,

No matter how much you don’t love me in that way,

You’ll always want me around your life as much as I want you in mine;

No matter how hard you deny it, you won't let me get hurt.

And that’s why we were made to be forever friends

I'm not afraid of losing it

Because forever it's... unique, unforgettable, eternal...

It's for life!


[P.S: Although it has nothing to do with you (the poem), it's because of you I posted it here; because you trusted in me, in my words, when nobody else did. Thank you for everything P]