Monday, July 2, 2012


If you're not thinking about staying for long then don't tell, don't reveal that secret you guard deep inside you, between your soul and your heart. If you're thinking about leaving and never come back, don't reveal that feeling that has been stalking you since the day you realized nothing in this life is simple, easy, and not always you can have what you want; or what you need. But that secret is not impossible as you spent so many sleepless nights thinking; no, that secret is much more real that you've ever imagined it could be; that secret has wings to fly far, far way. If only you'd set him free...

But if you're planning on leaving, don't. Let him stay in oblivion, imagining, like I know you'll do too, how everything could be if you hadn't had to leave. But do you really have to?

Promise, even if you're not there to see him spread his wings for the first time; even if you're not there to see him be free and happy the same way you don't allow yourself to be... Before you go, promise; just promise me you'll tell him, between saudades* and goodbyes, that everything will be okay; that there's still a lot of sky for him to fly.
Blue Skies | by NaBHaN | on DevinartArt


Not really sure what was the inspiration for this little text...I had a pen on my hand and it just happened :D 

...Aaand you should definitely check Oman aka NaBHaN's gallery on DeviantArt, that guy is just AMAZING!

*Saudade: "Portuguese word to describe a feeling of longing, melancholy or nostalgia." Doesn't have an exact  translation to English.