Monday, February 18, 2013

She still said yes [Beth]

She was perfectly aware of what she was getting into, when she first said yes. 

She knew it wouldn't be a fairy tale, far from that. She knew that it'd take a huge amount of hours, if not days, for him to make a tiny effort in contacting her.; it had always been her reaching for him, since day one, and she was aware of that. But she still said yes. She knew she'd never be his number one priority, "they" would always come before her. She knew that too. But she said yes, nevertheless. 

And even with all that, she kept telling herself she was happy. And she was, she truly was happy any time he was around; happy as she had never been before in her whole life. The sadness would only strike when she was alone... But she was happy, so she held to that happiness like it was life it self and made a promise to never let go. 

But then came the crappy excuses, given way too many times, that forced her to take a step back. When he finally confessed it was already too late to mend things, to mend trust. Even after she made him promise to never lie to her again, she still felt he was hiding things from her. Those little sarcastic comments he'd make now and then had her taking a few more steps back. Although all of that, she still felt safe with him, she still felt she could trust him her deepest secrets.
But she'd never be able to trust him as much as she used to, when she first said yes.
~Andie Maars

Hello fellow readers :D

Another "Beth" text, what do you think?
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