Sunday, August 21, 2011

A girl's life

Fighting to find life. Fighting to find a meaning. Every day is a battle against destiny. The pain, the suffering of losing someone affects me more than it should, and then it comes the nonstop crying that doesn’t let me sleep at night and suffocates me at morning, afternoon and evening.

When the storm past, I rely on my precious friend that some way or another hold my hand until I’m able to walk on my own again, there I find happiness after losing an important part of me. Because friends are as important as breathing to survive, so if I’m betrayed by them it would feel like a knife piercing through my heart and letting him bleed until there is no more drops of blood left.

After that I grow up, I became stronger, I will not stay behind so just let me fight to show everyone what I’m capable of, let me create my own world because life is much more fun when we have little control over her.

Lily Mead Mein