Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soul mate

We always look for someone that understands us, for our lost part, for our special person. It usually is a guy or a girl, women or men, which fills our standards of the perfect mate.

“I’m looking for a guy that is 1m70cm, at least, with short or medium hair, blue or green eyes (if that can be possible) and dark skin” and then just put your number and address.

It would be wonderful if things work out great just by putting an ad in the newspaper and after a few days you hear a knock at the door and voilĂ  your “special person” is standing in your hall. Amazing isn’t it?

But there is one problem: your soul mate is somebody that complements you (it doesn’t mean that it has to be physically) and actually it can be exciting being near someone that you don’t know deeply because he or she can always surprise you, but there is where the problem resides. That person can even surprise in a good or bad way just like somebody close to you, but the ones that are more connected to us are easily forgiven.

If you want to know if the right person is next to you or maybe not just try to experience living near him or her (like in the same house or just being friends), because someone can be a friend, family, a complete stranger that past you on the street or somebody that is lucky enough to have a chance to spend his/her life next to you now and forever.

Lily Mead Mein
P.S: sorry for not writing anything latelly, but I had a problem. Lack of ideas. Hope that you enjoy it.