Wednesday, October 19, 2011

360 degrees

When did life passed so quickly? Everything was stable yesterday and today it took a 360 degrees lap and I can't find my way back to the way things were before. Mostly everybody I know is slowly going away, and now I have new people surrounding me; people I don't know well yet - strangers after all.

It's tiring have to start everything for the zero mark.  Making new friends, trying not to let go of the old ones that escape trough my fingers day by day... Some people say it's how life is, you can't keep everybody you know (and care about) close to you forever; no matter how hard you'd wish for that. 

But we can't sit down and cry, thinking 'what if...?'. No more 'what if..' this, 'what if...' that. Things are the way they are now, and there isn't really much I can do to change them, not anymore. All I can do is spend a little more time travelling by bus or metro, making calls, texting and organizing meetings and evenings out, so at least a few things remain more or less unchanged.

But in the end, if they're really true friends, somehow we'll get to keep them in our lives; because the true ones, are the ones that stay.

[dedicated to my true friends: hope you stay with me forever]
Growing up by Andie Maars


[and is almost unnecessary to say that the title of the photo is a link to my Deviant page :D]

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