Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Far Way

One day a person came and talked to me, I didn’t know who it was or what we were going to talk about, and yet I said ok. We talked for a while and felt a connection between us. The next day, another person came and did the same thing and whit ought a doubt we became friends instantly just like what happened the day before.

The days went past and the three of us meet more and more people and made more friendships, just like the kids we were. Then it passed a year, two, three and four until the day that one of them chooses to move. I was sad because I wasn’t told about that decision and for a while I ignored her, yet the same connection that made us became friends in the beginning didn’t let me abandon her even if we didn’t saw as often as before.

Another year past by and my other friend and I choose different directions and we also moved to achieve our dreams. Well right now the three of us are best friends for so many years, even if we are apart, the two of them live close to each other and I am a little far away. Even if we all talk to each other we don’t see as often as we used too and to tell the trued that affects me somehow because we are so close and yet so far away.

Lily Mead Mein

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