Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What do I hate the most? Hypocrisy. People that say something and act the other way around. People that pretend to care when actually they don't give a damn... In sum, I hate the fake ones more than anything. And lately, I came to find a lot of hypocritical people around me, people to whom I would never think calling hypocrite. Well, guess looks can be deceiving, very deceiving.

And that's sad, because, for a long time, I used to hide my truth self and all of them taught me the confidence and trust I needed to show the world who I really am; with no more hiding. I changed with them, because they encouraged me to do so, for my own sake. Were they being hypocritical all this time?

I feel...I feel like I can't trust them anymore, because all the words that came trough their mouths sounds fake to me now; because I'm not sure if I actually know them anymore. My dear ruined it all! You all changed, a lot and too fast for me to keep up with the pace. I don't blame you for that, instead I blame you for excluding me of that sudden change of yours. I know I'm changing too, but you can't accuse me of not sharing that with you all, because I'm trying, I'm trying really hard...but you don't let me. So now I can only count on the new people I have in my life. Because recently I've found out that there are still people I can trust, that I know that won't let me down (as you did).

And I feel I achieved so much, that I conquered so much in so little time... Sure that are still...things that remain undone. And you know what? Now is me who don't give a damn about that; they'll happen when they have to. But this time, you won't be there to witness my happiness.

Hypocrisy by ~0mi-in-colour

~Andie F Maars
[Feeling like I could kill somebody right now (grrrrr), so I wrote a post instead of doing something I might regret late]