Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Back Home

Words seem to be running away from me lately. Or rather it takes me a lot longer to reach them ever since I returned from my stay studying abroad. I guess spending that much time away from home changes the way one sees the world. I discovered traits in me I didn't know I possessed (like you'd be amazed on how creative a hungry student can get with cooking minced meat in order to not feel like you're eating the same thing everyday - not that I did, but still...), and realized I can endure I lot more - I've stretched my breaking point beyond anything I had ever experienced and I feel stronger for it.

It changes the way you remember the people you know too. Not being there everyday didn't really changed much for me, not really. And it saddens me deeply to know just how little people you care about care about you when you're not around. Is in times like this you know whose friends are for life and whose aren't, because lets face it: doesn't it feels good to know someone misses you in those days you are feeling homesick? I believe being away gave me a new and improved filter for bullshit excuses that might become handy in the future.

And although I'll keep telling anyone that asks me that if I had the chance to redo it all over again I'd choose a different place to go, I don't really. It wasn't perfect, it had a lot of ups and downs, most of the "natives" are very (very) egocentric and conceited (but I did get to meet some of the very best of them) and I missed eating fish (never in a million year I thought I'd ever say such thing)... But it was a once in a life time experience, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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