Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forever and a day...

Have you ever wanted to give up, of everything? Have you ever felt that if you disappeared, nobody would miss you? Have you ever felt life doesn't make sense and that you must be the most unlucky person on Earth because nobody loves you?
Every day you wake up and you get ready for another day of work. On the streets, you pass by a lot of people. Nothing unusual, it's a perfectly regular day, as all the other days of the week.

But have you ever felt jealous of all the happy people you pass by? Those awkward moments when you see those perfectly happy people and you wish you could have a piece of that happiness too... Those moments when you feel you're not loved enough, no matter how hard you try.
Or when you know you're loved, but somehow you can't love back the same way. And then you hate yourself because all you want is right there, across the bridge of a 'yes' and you can't cross it, you can't say it. And you realize you hate yourself even more because you are hurting yourself and the person you can't love. So you think you didn't born worthy of being loved...

Life is weird, so maybe you're right, maybe you're not... I've no idea, I'm just human.

~Andie Maars
[And then I realize that there's really no connection between the title and the text...Anyway, enjoy]