Sunday, January 2, 2011


Have you ever wish what you could never get?
I hope that many people in this world can have what they wish for, and I’m not talking about a present from Santa (I mean a toy, a car…). In this world there are the ones who wish for objects, things that after some time have no single value, and there are ‘the others’.
‘The others’ only care about a single drop of water. A little bit of food: meat, fish, fruit... Or even a smile to know that you care, that you acknowledge their existence. They care less if you have a BMW or another fancy car or even if you live in a house with a pool in it, the only thing that they want is a signal that says “I’m happy that you were born”. That signal can be a genuine smile (if it’s a fake one you can keep it to yourself), a handshake, a kiss, a “Hi” on the street, it can be so many things that neither you nor I can even begin to imagine. ‘The others’ are people just like us, their human beings just like you and me. And you can find them were you less expects: in a friend, on a classmate, inside your own family, in your workplace, in the street. Everywhere. Anywhere. It can be you or even me. You cannot guess.
A wish is something you desire. And everyone desires to be known, and I don’t mean around the world, but by the people they love the most. So when you meet that person, or if you know already who it is, send them a signal, a message that says “I love you too”. That is better that some other present that you can give because the objects don’t bring meanings with them but the gestures shown what is in your heart. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait until midnight on Christmas, until Easter or until their birthday to give it to them, you can and should give it right now.
So why did I ask if I ever wish what I couldn’t get?
I did ask that in the beginning and I hope that you already know the answer because if you don’t just look deeply in your hearts and ask yourself if you were ever truly loved and if ever loved somebody or if you just give objects that money can buy or if they hand it (the object) to you for some reason: to stop you from crying, for being late, because they promise you something and never did it.
Wish is hope; and if wish for something, sooner or later it will be realized.
So prey really hard because you can attract what you want.

Lily Mead Mein


  1. I know what you meant!
    The people generaly awaits for a certain date like christmas and birthday to show affection..
    and there are other people can't say their fellings so simple, you must read that in their eyes.

    A Wish is half way to make it realized.
    The question is what is your wish?

    Well keep writing like that ;)
    Good luck!

  2. You're right but not everybody waits until those special days to show affection, just because they think they don't need to do it in any other day.

    Some do it but, just because they know that it's the only time in the year they know for sure they will get a pleasant answer; though perhaps it'll only means a tenth of what they wished. Is not laziness, is shame and sometimes a broken heart...

    Are you telling me you never did it? Not once? If you never did it, then let me know how do you can, please :)

    Oh, and about seeing wishes in people's eyes... Well, there're a lot of blind people in the world (And I think you know I'm not talking about those who are physically blind).