Saturday, September 24, 2011


Lately I've been feeling...grateful. Grateful for everything I have, for every friend I've made and got, this far... Grateful for being alive in this ungrateful life that keeps trying to take us down. 

Lately I've been thinking that every pain I felt had a reason to be (No, I haven't started believing in that crap that says that "Everything happens for a reason", it's something different). What I know it that I no longer blame myself nor regret it for having happened; instead I started learning from it. And when I though that diving in the past would hurt me even more, I realize it's not completely true; yes it hurts a little but the joy that comes from the new knowledge is overwhelming. 

Something didn't worked out? So what?! That is not going to stop me from being who I am or who I wanna be. I'm not going to sit and cry because it didn't work out. I'm going to stand up because it didn't work and so now I can move on to another adventure; because that's what life is, right? 

And right now, after all the mess is over, I find myself blooming into a new improved version of me.

by ~Andie Maars

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~Andie Maars
[to be continued. maybe, or maybe not.]

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