Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Word

Do you know when you expect really, really hard one thing and that thing seem to never come? So somewhere along the waiting process you end up forgetting that thing you wanted because you convince yourself it will never arrive.
And then, one day, that thing comes and the joy you feel is enough to forget the anxiety you felt while waiting… Especially when that thing you want the most is no more than a sincere apologize, from a person you used to care about.
Do you believe in the power of a word? One, just one word…

I didn’t until today. I mean, I know words are important, that they have meanings, that they carry feelings and emotions, that they hide secrets, truths and lies… But I never thought they could mean so much to me, when spoken truthfully from the heart.
Ok, I’m being a little unfair. I have, in fact, always believed in the power of what a simple little word can do. So maybe what I didn't believe was the person behind that spoken word.
And now I do believe. I believe that in this world we have good people, bad people…and confused people. Furthermore, to be honest I pity more the confused ones than the rest. Those who don’t know what they want in life, who can’t make a serious decisions, who keep attached to the past because it’s something they know…the ones who take an eternity to correct a mistake, because they’re too confused to realize that they committed that mistake in the first place, so they need a while to understand that it needed to be fixed.
For a long time I used to include myself in the group of the confused ones, because my life didn’t seemed to be moving forward. Today I also realize I was scared, not confused, because deep inside I always knew what I want for me and for my life. I was scared that the truth would ruin all I knew. Now I know, that sometimes things have to fall apart, so new ones can grow from there.

White Perfection by ~Andie Maars (thats me! :p )
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