Wednesday, September 28, 2011


dreamed he was standing right there
Looking back at me with those huge eyes that always smile
And, still staring, he asks me if I love him as much as I said
And I answer that I love him even more that what I've said...
Because there aren't enough words 
To describe everything he means to me. 

And he would smile again and stretched out his hand
In a mute invitation for me to join him; 
Where I always belonged.

I approach him;
One step at a time, 
'Cause I'm afraid he'll just fade away into the air;
I'm almost there
I already feel the heat and the smell emanating from his skin
Almost feel my finger brushing against his hand
Then someone hits a door...
And I wake up, losing you again.

nearly feel like crying;
almost had you with me 
And someone takes you away, again.
But I refrain myself, and resigned
I slowly open my eyes.

I'm still where I fell asleep...

Come back to me by ~NaBHaN

~Andie Maars

Again, this - I think you can call it poem - is from that little story I'm writing. Originally is a text written in prose but I adapted this part also because I also though it was kind of poetical :D Let me know what you think, please.
[And it's totally and completely fictional, nothing related to me nor my life, so you know.]

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