Wednesday, September 28, 2011


dreamed he was standing right there
Looking back at me with those huge eyes that always smile
And, still staring, he asks me if I love him as much as I said
And I answer that I love him even more that what I've said...
Because there aren't enough words 
To describe everything he means to me. 

And he would smile again and stretched out his hand
In a mute invitation for me to join him; 
Where I always belonged.

I approach him;
One step at a time, 
'Cause I'm afraid he'll just fade away into the air;
I'm almost there
I already feel the heat and the smell emanating from his skin
Almost feel my finger brushing against his hand
Then someone hits a door...
And I wake up, losing you again.

nearly feel like crying;
almost had you with me 
And someone takes you away, again.
But I refrain myself, and resigned
I slowly open my eyes.

I'm still where I fell asleep...

Come back to me by ~NaBHaN

~Andie Maars

Again, this - I think you can call it poem - is from that little story I'm writing. Originally is a text written in prose but I adapted this part also because I also though it was kind of poetical :D Let me know what you think, please.
[And it's totally and completely fictional, nothing related to me nor my life, so you know.]

If you want to read other pieces of this story here are the links: "I remember you", "Irrational Fear" and "Irreplaceable. Gone"

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Lately I've been feeling...grateful. Grateful for everything I have, for every friend I've made and got, this far... Grateful for being alive in this ungrateful life that keeps trying to take us down. 

Lately I've been thinking that every pain I felt had a reason to be (No, I haven't started believing in that crap that says that "Everything happens for a reason", it's something different). What I know it that I no longer blame myself nor regret it for having happened; instead I started learning from it. And when I though that diving in the past would hurt me even more, I realize it's not completely true; yes it hurts a little but the joy that comes from the new knowledge is overwhelming. 

Something didn't worked out? So what?! That is not going to stop me from being who I am or who I wanna be. I'm not going to sit and cry because it didn't work out. I'm going to stand up because it didn't work and so now I can move on to another adventure; because that's what life is, right? 

And right now, after all the mess is over, I find myself blooming into a new improved version of me.

by ~Andie Maars

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~Andie Maars
[to be continued. maybe, or maybe not.]

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little before midday

A girl woke up and like every other day she eat her breakfast, and then she thought about what to do, but since not even one little idea came to her mind she started playing computer. She spent an hour or something like that in the computer, hearing the bell of her door ringing. But since that girl wasn’t authorized to open the door she decided to ignore it.

Then she continued in the computer listening music until she heard a loud bang coming from the hall. At that time, she stopped with the games and took her headphones out. She walked silently through her house until she reached the hall that was when she saw two guys trying to break in her apartment. She only had a little time to see them and memorize what she could because a second later they also notice her and started running and escaped.

At that moment she picked up her phone and tried to call 911, it rang two times and they hanged up on her, maybe they thought it was a prank call, so tried to close her front door with her keys but for more turns that she gave the door wasn’t closing that was when she noticed that they broke the door lock. Then she went to her cellphone and to wake up her little brother that up until that moment hadn’t notice a thing, but only when she said to him that somebody tried to rob them was when her brother jumped out of the bed.

She tried one more time to call the 911 and this time they picked up and recorded the complaint. Meanwhile her brother calls their mother that for a second thought it was a prank too, but then she understood what was really happening, while after her complain the girl call their father and explained the situation. Their parents rushed home and found out that their neighbors had been keeping company to their children. An hour later the police appears and wrote the testimony of the girl even if she had nothing much to say because she only saw the general characteristics of the two guys. After that the police took over the case or so hoped the girl and her family.

Lily Mead Mein

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Word

Do you know when you expect really, really hard one thing and that thing seem to never come? So somewhere along the waiting process you end up forgetting that thing you wanted because you convince yourself it will never arrive.
And then, one day, that thing comes and the joy you feel is enough to forget the anxiety you felt while waiting… Especially when that thing you want the most is no more than a sincere apologize, from a person you used to care about.
Do you believe in the power of a word? One, just one word…

I didn’t until today. I mean, I know words are important, that they have meanings, that they carry feelings and emotions, that they hide secrets, truths and lies… But I never thought they could mean so much to me, when spoken truthfully from the heart.
Ok, I’m being a little unfair. I have, in fact, always believed in the power of what a simple little word can do. So maybe what I didn't believe was the person behind that spoken word.
And now I do believe. I believe that in this world we have good people, bad people…and confused people. Furthermore, to be honest I pity more the confused ones than the rest. Those who don’t know what they want in life, who can’t make a serious decisions, who keep attached to the past because it’s something they know…the ones who take an eternity to correct a mistake, because they’re too confused to realize that they committed that mistake in the first place, so they need a while to understand that it needed to be fixed.
For a long time I used to include myself in the group of the confused ones, because my life didn’t seemed to be moving forward. Today I also realize I was scared, not confused, because deep inside I always knew what I want for me and for my life. I was scared that the truth would ruin all I knew. Now I know, that sometimes things have to fall apart, so new ones can grow from there.

White Perfection by ~Andie Maars (thats me! :p )
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Irrational Fear

I'm scared, love
I'm scared that I might no longer be strong enough for you.
All this mess left me on my knees,
Torn to pieces tired to the bones.
I never felt so heavy
And I even think I'm thinner, just with the nerves.

Every step away from you
Hurts as much as if someone was stringing something inside me;
I’m tired love, exhausted.
And I will be dead if they find me here
Because now that I have you so close,
That I no longer have that damn window separating us,
I don’t know if I can go back to the other side.

Keep me close to you.

Picture by me (:

~Andie Maars

Just for the records, this - I think you can call it poem - is from a little story I've been writing for a long time. Originally is a text written in prose but I adapted this little part because I though it was kind of poetical :D
[And it's totally and completely fictional, nothing related to me nor my life, so you know.]

If you want to read other pieces of this story here are the links: "I remember you"Dream"and "Irreplaceable. Gone"