Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ephemera of Life

Because going light didn't work for me, let’s try going real this time. 

I find Beauty to be something ephemeral; what is perceived as beautiful today might not be the same tomorrow. 

That's why I believe no relationship should be funded based on just that. Because, like everything else, beauty fades... and we will all, eventually, turn old and grey. A flawless skin will grow wrinkles, scars and spots; a fit body will lose its elasticity over time. We all have flaws, we all have cravings and we all deserve to do things that make us feel good. I don't want to feel guilty every time I eat something "unhealthy", nor will I ever willingly give up on sugar. Why should I? 

I cannot, in my righteous mind, give myself to someone that will only stay while things are pretty. I want to believe I have more to offer that just my body, I want to believe I have more "qualifications" besides physical attractiveness. I want (and need) to know someone will stay when things go ugly and when I grow old, grey and wrinkly. The world is already filled with too much superficiality for me to allow for the biggest one of them all to dictate my happiness. Because that is what it is at stake here, my happiness (and my heart) and I won't allow just anyone to juggle away with it at will.

So, if you are reading this and believe that beauty comes first, I really think you should take a step back and reevaluate your priorities in life. In all honesty, it's not fair to hold such thing against someone. No one should have to live in the constant uncertainty of an "if"; worrying if you're still pretty enough, if your significant other still thinks you are attractive enough and for how long it will remain that way. Life already has enough complications on its own. 

Speaking for myself only but, I would rather share my life with someone I can keep an intellectual conversation with and that, after all the years, still laughs at my lame jokes, rather than with someone who thinks I look good in pictures. Beauty and sexiness will fade, the body will decay... But your (un)happiness will still matter.

So the big question is: Do I really want something so superficial to be the foundation of a lifelong relationship? 
My answer: No, not really.


Disclaimer: I'm in no way trying to encourage unhealthy eating habits - I eat everything with moderation (well, except chocolate) and I am happy with my body just the way it is. 
You don't need to be Victoria's Secrets thin to be healthy. I just don't think the way my body looks like should dictate my life nor be the main reason for someone to be in/ leave my life - in either friendly or romantic situations. Updated: 14/10/2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pet Peeves # LetsTalk Light

Talking (or writing) "light" is the last thing I feel like doing; my levels of frustration are way too high. But that also means nothing productive will ever come out if I attempt to write it down. Maybe in a few days, who knows... So I thought about doing the opposite, to try to fight the incoherence that's going on my mind, and venture onto lighter topics.

So lets talk about pet peeves. 

Pet Peeve
noun [C]  /ˈpet ˈpiv/
› something that especially annoys you

I have to be honest, I enjoy doing things (lets make it clear, not intentionally)  that can be classified as other people' pet peeves, such as drag my nails - or any object that may be on the table - along the table-cloth and click the pen until my thumb falls off. Therefor, there aren't many thing that annoy me to the point I feel like screaming to the person doing it. 

The first pet peeve is when, in restaurants, the servants keep pouring my drink for me when my glass is empty. If it's water or wine - which are drinks that usually everyone at the table is also drinking -, I don't mind at all. What annoys me its when it is coke (or any other drink that comes in a can or small bottle). I'm okay with it being opened for me when it first reaches the table, I'm NOT okay with it being poured into my glass afterwards. I don't drink sugar-y drinks very often, and when I do, I don't like to drink more than one can/bottle during the meal, so I try to only pour it in the glass when I feel like drinking it and avoid the temptation of drinking everything before the main course arrives. 

The second (and so far the last) is messy fridges/freezers. Both in the super market and at home. 
It annoys me to no end if, in the super market, people take out items from a fridge/ freezer but then change their minds and just throw it back inside, not caring if it is in the same place it was before. 

At home, is when someone decides that piling big containers on top of small ones or piling stuff on top of unstable things (like food that doesn't fit a container and is put in the fridge with film wrap around the pan/ dish), is a great (and safe) idea. It also annoys me to see food of the same 'category' in different shelves or drawers. When it gets really bad, I wait until everybody is asleep and venture to the kitchen to tidy up the fridge and make it look picture perfect. I also avoid looking in the freezer because everything in there that was stored in plastic bags as just thrown in there and it froze in odd shapes and now nothing fits anymore (and because my family also seems to have an aversion to labels, its impossible to identify 90% of the things that are stored there). Maybe, if I do it enough times, my family will finally learn to put all the cheese in the 'cheese drawer' (we really like cheese, okay?), and all the yogurts in the same shelf. 

A girl can dream...


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