Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"I remember you"

I felt the weight of the eyelids on my eyes and I fell asleep again.

And he comes back before my eyes, his hand still extended in front of me, the same mute invitation waiting for me. This time I don’t wait, I don’t hesitate, don’t linger to travel the short distance that separates us and grab his hand, arm, grab it all in my embrace and whisper in his ear that I love him and will never leave him, never again. I kiss every surface of his bare skin I can reach, trying to retain as much of him in me. Because, even if he can't go back, this way I can take some of him with me, that it will be forever etched in my mind. And in the midst of this frenzy, I notice that I don’t understand this love that unites us and consumes us, which revolves us and then return us back finally to each other's arms to later break the embrace once more. As a vicious cycle that never stops and kills me slowly. But soon I sweep this idea off my mind when I realize that he’s finally with me, really there with me. That there, in that dream, he is no longer a lifeless body lying asleep in a hospital bed; it’s Life, it’s my life that returns to me. And at that moment I feel more alive than ever, filled with energy that springs from my every pore; maybe this might be what they call complete happiness. Again I look into his eyes, those big green eyes that always smile, trying to retain them in detail in my memory. I notice that during all that time I kept uttering the same words over and over. "I love you." Also noticed that he still said nothing. He merely looked at me with a smile on the lips and on the eyes - those big green eyes that always smile. And I look at him for what seems an eternity, and still not get tired of looking; I will never get tired of looking at him. Finally, he takes a deep breath and whispers something to me: "I remember you".
 ~Andie Fern Maars

Hey people!  (if there's anyone)Here's another piece of that story of mine. I prefer this one over the other two I already posted*, but it was too detailed to cut short  and also too big for a poem. Enjoy and let me know what you think.  (:
[And it's totally and completely fictional, nothing related to me nor my life, so you know.]

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