Friday, December 23, 2011


Lately I've been thinking that something is missing. Something I can't even recall however still can't help but miss... Something I really never had as mine, is it even possible? Like there's a huge hole inside me and I've no idea how to heal it again. I've been using other things to fill it up, so it won't hurt...but that's just a short cut I know it won't bring me to the end, it will keep me going around and around without going anywhere, just so the  time will pass; because "time cures everything"- they say. 

"Time cures everything"- they say. And what do I thing about that? I think that's the biggest lie I've ever heard. Because time doesn't really cure anything, we cure ourselves, or someone else does; and Time, is not any of those.

Not really long ago I wrote about how much I'm sorry about somethings that happened...But right here and now I don't really regret that much, the way things ended up to be. Because I don't believe that "everything is meant to be", otherwise I believe things happen because someone make or let them happen. And I don't regret that person, at all. How could I? It brought me so many memories... Memories I now treasure, knowing I'll soon forget; because that's how life is: it let us create memories we want to remember forever, but makes us forget them so we won't get hurt because they're just that, just memories.

And why are they "just" memories? Because we try, try, try...Until one of us stops trying; then we forget. I don't regret it, I won't regret it. Yes, things got to a point of most surely no return, and that can be somehow sad. But today, now, I can move on because I know it wasn't me who stop trying.

A new beginning by ~NaBHaN  


[Not sure if it's already finished or not...But any suggestion is welcome :D ]