Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doka ohiete. Shiritai-no

Sometimes we need to forgive, or at least pretend to. Sometimes we have to 'throw in the towel' to avoid losing something or someone we care about. And I say 'pretend' because we never really forgive nor forget. We just stop caring too much, for our own sake. 

And by pretending that everything's ok, we get rid of something that was bugging us inside; we don't forget, but we feel a little lighter.

Even if sometimes trowing in the towel is a hard and brokenheartedly painful decision, we do it if it means that something or someone we like and care about will be happier. We fake it to make the world a bit better, even if it's no our world. 

We're completely fools because we just care too much...  

Nakanaide. Heiki da yo.

~Andie Maars~

[work in progress...]

[Lately I've been a little into Japanese :D And in case you're curious about what's the meaning of the title+phrase (although they might not be 100% correct because I'm not a pro), I'll satisfy your curiosity:
 Doka ohiete. Shiritai-no. = Please tell me. I wanna know.
 Nakanaide. Heiki da yo. = Don't cry. Everything is going to be fine.]