Friday, April 22, 2011


Sometimes we are something that we don’t like, the other times we have something that we hate; when that time comes we change. A haircut, make up, the way we eat and so many other things. Humans need to change. For simple reasons like a lovers break up, or even for more complex reasons.
Our society is made by a constant change in the way we think, the way we speak or even within our ideals. Just like we do it, the environment and everything that is around us has the need to change.
Change means to make different, in other words, to alter something that doesn’t feel right. As Humans we tend to ‘upgrade’ ourselves in all our life, we tend to change as we grown older, as soon as something doesn’t feel right.
A change means an evolution. Just like we say the world is in constant change, it means that is evolving. So we also evolve within every change that we go through.
We change, we evolve. For good or for worst. It doesn’t matter as long as we feel that we need to change.
[it's a small text but I hope you like it]

Lily Mead Mein