Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Have you ever woke up in the morning and realized that something you believed yesterday it doesn't make sense anymore? Something you were so sure about that there was no possible way for you to be mistaken. And so you wake up and notice that you were wrong.

First it comes the disillusion, because you miss that illusion; it was one thing you were sure about, in this crazy and unsure world...and now is gone.

Then it comes the fury, because it seems obvious now it was all a lie. "How could I ever misunderstood that? How could I ever think it was true?", you'll ask yourself several times. And so you think you were totally insane when you decided to believe in a lie.

In the end you'll realize that you're still young, and being young it's almost a synonym of making mistakes "Because nothing is permanent". So you end up by forgiving yourself. If the world keeps spinning and everything is constantly changing; so why can't we change our minds too?!

It made sense yesterday and it doesn't makes sense today, so what?! You admit you were wrong, and you promise yourself next time you won't make the same mistake (because then it won't be a mistake, but a choice).

Mistaken Identity by ken-wong