Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm... Tired

I'm... Tired.
Tired of writing about pain and loss.

But lately, lately those are the only feelings I've felt; the ones I get to know so well yet against my will. I'm tired of feeling my heart contract itself whenever I do, I dream or I think about something that reminds me about my past.

I'm... Exhausted.
Exhausted of every failed attempts to forget the past; to move on.

But everything around me makes exasperate, because it's so hard and everybody around me seems so happy... Like I'm the only miserable person in the world (even knowing it's completely not true; that, compared with some standards I'm quite lucky). But still... Does it ever get easier? I mean, when will all those efforts be worth it?


I don't know what I feel anymore.
And I'm exhausted and tired of trying to figure it out.
(it's not finished yet, it's just a draft...I might try to finish it later)

Heart by ~ AndieMaars (photomontage)
you can find the original on my DeviantART page here