Sunday, August 28, 2011


When I close my eyes it’s like seeing a movie: a little girl suffocating by the needs of adults, running until there is no more place to hide and then…I open my eyes, my breathing is irregular and my heart is pounding so hard just like when I finish running some miles.

In reality, I never finished seeing that movie; I just hope that little girl find happiness. If she could at least smile once in her life I think that the all world will open in front of her. If she could only smile and tell him all feelings…

At night I can only dream about her. The way her teary eyes looked at me and asked for help when I couldn’t even move a finger or raise my voice to support her. And then she shows me the most painful smile in the all world, at that time my heart feels so much pain, even so why am I locked down? Why can’t I do anything to help her? At that moment a shadow appeared, it grabbed the little girl’s hair and dragged her to a warehouse. The door closed, at that moment my body started to move.

I run as fast as I could in her direction. It was something like an instinct, I couldn’t control, probably because I felt guilt towards not helping her when I could. “Why am I running in that direction? Don’t I know that in there is going to be dangerous? So, why?” this was what my head was thinking and in the meanwhile my body was obeying her when she told him to run towards the warehouse.

I was feeling so stupid, it remind me of those times when in those dark raining days I was sitting alone in the sofa with some popcorns watching horror movies; when the main character goes into a isolate place and starts calling for her loved one, I always thought it was stupid going all alone there because something bad was fated to happen, and in that very moment…bang, there it was the horror had begun. Somehow, now I think I understand the feelings of the main character, I was running towards dangerous, all alone, without caring of what was going to happen to me, I just wanted to find that little girl one more time and telling her that everything was fine now and that she could live freely from now on.

I got close to the door and then…I open my eyes again, at that moment I realize that I was lying down in my bed having a nightmare. I just got up went to the kitchen and drunk a glass of water, and then I got back to bed and had a nice and peaceful dream.

What was in that warehouse? What happen to that girl afterwards? Well…I know the answers to all of that, but I prefer to let your imagination run wild, at least for now.

Lily Mead Mein