Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run away

A boy ran away, so far away that nobody ever found him. Many police officers and fireman tried to look for him, but as the days passed by no clue was found about the location and the government officers started to feel tired so tired that they gave up.

Then the second rescue team arrived. Many civilians helped the little kid parents. Days went past, then months, years and the hope also started to fade. In the first day the all neighborhood showed up. They were divided and were given directions, and for an all week everyone showed up, even for an all month, but as time went by the number was reducing gradually. In the end the search team lasted five years and not a clue was found, neither the corpse of a ten year old boy. Four years later the father’s boy fell off a cliff and died in his way to the hospital.
A year later, a disease was diagnosed to his mother and she was immediately admitted into the hospital, but it was already too late. The news spread fast, in the newspaper there was a front page article talking about the missing boy and the misfortune of that family also their picture was posted. On that day, a young man brought that journal and like so many others it ended up in the coffee table. A few days later a bunch of flowers were sent to the hospital room, there was a little card with only a phrase “thanks for looking for me”, on that same day while reading it the mother died.

Lily Mead Mein