Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I know what you've been trough; I've been there before. And I know how much it hurts; I've felt that too. But giving up it's not an options darling - It never was, it will never be. The tears you shed yesterday will be tomorrow memories, if you aloud them to. But if you dwell on then like you've been doing lately, instead of just memories tomorrow they'll still be the painful thoughts you cried until dawn. Trust me when I say that is the last thing you want; never cry the same pains twice, it will only give them power to keep hurting you. Instead let the tears wash those unwanted feeling for you, take them out of your mind while the drops slide slowly down your face...

I used to like Wednesday...Not until 4 weeks ago it probably was my third favorite day of the week. Yes, it was a Wednesday when my heart broke for the first time, but I had already got over it long ago. I had already forgiven that Wednesday.
And it was a Wednesday when I found out how broken you are darling... Don't let those scars define you. Don't let the tears overrule your nights. But the most important might be not letting him define your happiness; because you deserve that beautiful smile that once filled your face always.

Show the world, show him, how strong you are darling. Turn the pains into strength, the tears into smiles and use this experience to prevent future ones. Never take anything for granted darling and never hand out your heart to the first guy that says nice things. I'm not saying not to love too fast - love the fastest you want dear, it's good for the heart to be swelled with love -, just keep something to yourself until you're certain you're getting something equally satisfactory in return. 

Don't measure amounts of love. Measure its depth. And you'll be fine, eventually.

I hate Wednesdays! But I love you...

~Andie Fern Maars

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