Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I need...time. I need time to do all the work, to finish all the assignments, time to sleep. 

My life has been so hectic in the past few weeks that I need more time than what is possible to have. I need days to have more than 24 hours, I need weeks to have more than 7 days. I need time to finish all I have to do a still have time left for the ones I love; the very same ones I've been neglecting lately. Sleep, I desperately need to sleep.

And if the lack of time and sleep wasn't enough, now add guilt to the mixture and that's how messed up I'm feeling right now. It's like I'm standing at the top of a cliff, looking down at the furious wakes crashing against the rocks, and never in my entire life I felt so inclined to just breath in...and jump. 

But screaming at me won't help, it is not helping. Adding more stress to the already huge pile is the last thing I need. All it does is making me want to run. Run away from all the responsabilities, to some place where I don't have chores, assignments, obligations and deadlines. Somewhere I don't have a million of things to do. Somewhere I don't feel like I'm a disappointment for not living up to someones expectations...

I am tired. I just need time...

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