Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Don't Listen

You know that feeling of self-doubt that arises when you hear something so many times you start believing its true, even if deep inside you know it’s not?

Like when you look in the mirror and see nothing wrong with your body, but if someone starts saying otherwise, over and over, with the sole purpose of upsetting you (and you know that)… But after a while you start looking in the mirror and not liking what you see anymore.

The power of suggestion used for hurtful intents can cause emotional scarring that runs deeper than any wound. Because physical scars can be empowering, they can be a reminder that you are strong, that you outlived something. But the emotional scar it’s always going to be there. Even if you overcome it, the self-doubt it’s still there and can (and probably will) come and go in its own “free will” at the most unexpected situations.

I know first-hand how cruel people can be with their words. And I know how the silliest thing can trigger and emotional episode, a thought or a state of mind that you fought so long in the past to get over. But I also think people in general are too attached to their own insecurities, and it’s not always their fault. We can blame society for how it makes us think that something it’s not right (even if we believe there’s nothing wrong with it) because it isn't socially accepted; that it’s wrong to do certain things or think in certain ways. Who stated that anyway? As long as it isn't causing damage or pain to anyone and is making us happy, why should it be wrong?

It’s our lives, we are the ones living it – not society. So be free, be spontaneous. Do whatever you want to do with the time you were given and be happy.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” - Aristotle

Andie Maars