Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colours of the rainbow

Red. Yellow. Blue. Orange. Green. Violet. Indigo.

Love the world. Feel passion with all your heart. Your desire will be what will make you move with all your strength. The red is one of the most powerful colors…Just be proud of who you are and never try to resort to violence.

Just be optimistic. Have a good life and let yourself be surrounded by a yellow light.

The color of the blue sky. The most loyal and reliable of all. Your spirit will be free if you think and dream. You don’t need to be your own ideal, just have your own personality.

Think about the hot orange of the sun. Move yourself until you are not capable of more. The spontaneity of life is the most precious thing.

Just have hope in the future. Be young whenever you want. Be cool with everything and if you’re not just find the strength for a green/fresh start.

Live in peace. Have harmony in your life. Surpass your fear and live tranquility with your mind. Just be indigo.

The violet of mystery. The most sensible one. The beauty of the world. And the big ideas of our inner self. It makes you feel sympathy for others and for yourself.

These seven colors represent your ideals, our way of life. We need to feel, dream and believe because if we want we can change our world, our lives… Just pick one. 

If you look from the window and see a rainbow you will feel the magic of our life.

Lily Mead Mein