Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hidden Secrets

There are a certain number of perfect combinations that randomly happen in simultaneous. There is no true love. What we have is the right person miraculously at the right time and place. You can find the right person at the right place but if is not the right time… Things might not work very well. I think it’s a little unfair: we hope all our lives to find that special person… But only the person is apparently not enough; you also need the time and space factors. That’s why true love is almost seen as a fairytale.

And if life thought me anything useful is that love never waits, for anybody. Love brings joy, happiness, and butterflies in the stomach… but it also brings pain, depressions and a huge feeling of emptiness inside the heart.

And why can’t it wait? Because we all have the need to love something or someone. And when we’re not loved back we give up and start from the beginning (I wish it was that simple, but in theory it’s what happens). We crave for love more than anything else, it’s the only “drug” that makes us feel like we belong to somewhere, to someone; makes us feel we’re important. It’s like our own personal demon, that erodes us from within and makes us say / do / feel what we don't want.

So we lie. We lie to the demon, we lie to others, we lie to ourselves… We pretend this “feeling” doesn’t exist; we built a secret. And if we can’t control the secret, it will end up destroying us. This “feeling” becomes our darkest and most hidden secret. The kind of secret we tell to no one, nor even to the teddy bear.

I don’t know yet how to deal with this demon. The last time it attacked, I let it erode me from within and when I realized what was going on, a part of me as gone, forever.

Hidden Secrets by ~ AndieMaars

~Andie F. Maars


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