Sunday, May 20, 2012

To a friend

Running away from everything that pained me didn’t solve anything. The pain started growing larger and larger every time that my thoughts changed directions and then suddenly you appeared holding my hand and pushing me to the right way.

In the moment my mind thought that every single thing was solved, with you I felt support, happiness and a friend who would listen to my problems, and I felt grateful for having you at that time. Even though when I was away from you my might went crazy by all the painful thoughts of my life.

You know me, listened to me, gave me advice and strength to speak my might to the ones who were suppressing me and refused to see that this was my life, my mistakes and my future. You changed me to the point that I can think that nothing more can hurt the helpless little girl who couldn’t decide by herself the best way to transform the world that she lived to a better place. You helped me to discover myself and confront people about what I wanted.

To you my precious friend who rescued me from a dark place I hope that the light will also shine to you as brighter as the one you gave to me.

Lily Mead Mein

This text is dedicated to a dear friend who is always there when I need. so  I'm grateful for everything.

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