Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Golden Yellow

[Just a little note before you read it: This is a personal post, written for one of the dearest people I have in my life... Anyway, if you, my dear friend, ever get to read this, know I put all my very soul in this.] Enjoy J

I think I saw you once and my opinion came almost immediately! You're free, and no one will ever be able to lock you in a cage. I also noticed that you're always happy like there's no enough pain in the world to knock you out...but you can suffer too, I've seen it; after all, you're just human like all of us. You have your own energy to see the brightest side of everything and everybody, even if you can't see your own bright side (because I know you're amazing)...but I would be just na├»ve if I believed that no one have ever disappointed or hurt you. I myself think I've already let you down, even if you denied it every time I try to apologise. can I make myself clear... you glow (that's the word!), you glow with your very own special light. I can't explain it properly; it's something that comes from within you and makes you one of the most special people I've ever met. I admire you, you know? Because you keep smiling no matter how dark the sky is, no matter how dark your sky is; because there's no cloud thick enough to stop the sun from shining for you.

As I said, you're a free soul; like a golden yellow bird (don't ask me why yellow, it's just a color I think that fits you well) that can't be tamed, a bird no cage can hold tightly enough because comes what may, no one has the right to take your freedom away.

So my glowing friend, my golden yellow bird, my dear hydrogen bond between nitrogenous bases (this last one it's actually our "private joke", remember?), forgive me for all the times I wasn't there, for all the right words I didn't say... But keep in your mind that for whatever you need me (a shopping spree, a movie, a talk, a walk or even to help you devour your mother's delicious chicken with pineapple and cream ), I'm here!

Flash by ~tangleduptight

~Andie Fern Maars

(P.S. -And yes, I realized I'm getting attached to all the wonderful pictures that feature at DeviantArt)

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